Mark Chesnutt's tour bus was rear-ended by a drunk driver early Sunday morning. The young man, who was also driving on a suspended license, was traveling over 100 mph when he hit the back of the country singer's bus. Most members of Chesnutt's band were on the bus, but fortunately, no one was injured.

"I'm really, really glad all the boys are alright. Thank God," says Chesnutt. "In as much as I was in the air, I'd still rather drive than fly. I love the bus!"

Chesnutt's band was headed from a gig in Fort Worth, Texas back home to Nashville. When police arrived at the scene, one police car had a flat tire, so Chesnutt's manager Kenny Thurman helped change the tire while police worked on reporting the crash.

There's no word yet on charges filed against the drunk driver, whose car was totaled in the crash.