Mark Chesnutt is premiering the lyric video for his song "I've Got a Quarter in My Pocket," from his forthcoming album Tradition Lives, exclusively on The Boot.

The "I've Got a Quarter in My Pocket" lyric video features a photo of Chesnutt and brightly colored lyrics and designs that zoom on and off the screen. The song was written by John Ludowitz and Billy Yates.

I've got a quarter in my pocket / Won't you tell me what I should do? / Should I put it in the phone / So I can come crawling home to you?" Chesnutt sings. "Should I put it in the jukebox / And play another heartbreak song? / I'm leaning towards the latter / And I really hate being alone."

The tune become even more telling when Chesnutt sings, "Gonna flip it in the air / Gonna watch it fly / If it's heads, I might love again / If it's tails, I'll cry."

Tradition Lives is Chesnutt's first album of all-new material in six years and his 15th studio album overall. The project is set for release on July 8 and includes 12 new tracks; it is available for pre-order through Chesnutt's webstore. With previous hits such as “Brother Jukebox,” “Let It Rain,” and “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing,” as well as one gold album and four platinum albums to his name, Chesnutt has a legion of fans excited to hear new music from the Texas native.

Chesnutt's touring calendar has a number of dates on it this year. More information can be found on his website.

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