Fast-rising artist Marie Miller is preparing to release her major label debut via Curb Records later this year, and she's giving The Boot readers an exclusive look at two live-in-studio performances she recently recorded in Nashville.

Miller has been earning accolades from all points with her unique blend of modern folk, country and pop. The young singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has been featured on the Music Mainpage of iTunes, as Clear Channel's Artist of the Month for both Country and AAA, and was named Channel One's Artist of the Week on April 15. She is currently the top-selling artist in Amazon's 2013 Rising Stars Program, with total sales exceeding 110,000 digital downloads.

The Virginia native says her debut single, 'You're Not Alone' (featured above), was "written as a battle cry for a friend who was going through a really tough time." That's not unusual for Miller, who draws on real life for all of her songs.

"Every song on my upcoming album is about someone I know personally," she states. "When I look at the track listing, I don't see song titles, I see their names."

The track below, 'Whiskey for Breakfast,' shows off Miller's mandolin chops. She is also an accomplished guitarist and bouzouki player.