Statistics from the CDC show that one out of every eight women deals with postpartum depression. This year, Maren Morris became one of them.

In a new interview with CBS This Morning, the “The Bones” hitmaker says that, thankfully, she seems to be on the other side of it now, nearly six months after the birth of her son Hayes.

"I'm kind of coming through the tunnel now,” Morris says in an interview that aired on Sept. 14. “I feel back to normal. Fortunately, I was able to do phone therapy during the pandemic. ... and [I have] people that love me around me that are like, 'Hey, if you're drowning right now, there's help.'"

One of those people was husband Ryan Hurd, who has been quarantining with his wife and their first child since the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic began.

"You're trying to become a new mother and good parent and do everything right, and you just feel like you suck at every level," Morris adds, admitting that she felt like she was "drowning" during the worst parts of her battle with postpartum depression. Add that to the fact that Morris was watching as her 2020 touring plans were delayed due to the spread of the virus, and it was a precarious time for the Texas native.

"And then the one thing I've always felt like I have a handle on is my music," she continues. "And to not be able to tour and have to furlough my band and crew, it was just a lot."

Morris was ready to put the hard times behind her as she prepared to hit the stage on Wednesday (Sept. 16) to perform at the 2020 ACM Awards, which she hoped Hayes would get to watch on television.

"I don't know what time in the show I am, but he can stay up a little late to watch Mom," Morris told Taste of Country Nights, even though "I don't think it's quite registered [to him] that the people in the TV are real."

Morris went into the 2020 ACM Awards on Wednesday night as one of the most-nominated artists, tied with Thomas Rhett with five nods apiece. She gave a somber performance of her current single, "To Hell & Back," during the awards, and she also walked away a winner, taking home Female Artist of the Year during the broadcast.

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