Marc Broussard is sharing a new holiday-themed music video exclusively with readers of The Boot. Click play above to watch the video for the Americana singer's nostalgic and soulful original song "Almost Christmas."

Keeping with the theme of Christmas classics such as "I'll Be Home for Christmas," Broussard's "Almost Christmas" is all about getting home for the holidays. And since the artist finds himself on the road for much of the year, it wasn't hard a hard tune for Broussard to write -- he just had to write about what he knows.

"Travel and distance from home has been somewhat of a recurring theme because I often find my work taking me away from my family for long stretches. After weeks of being away, the soul starts to harden, and emotions deaden, and it becomes imperative to get back to what matters most," Broussard tells The Boot. "It's probably not the last time you'll hear me sing about this topic."

"Almost Christmas" pairs achingly nostalgic lyrics with a soulful piano and Broussard's masterfully smooth vocals: "All along the way / Every hour of every day / I see all these families but mine," he sings. "So, please, take me home / 'Cause it's almost Christmas / I've been alone far too long / I'm almost home / 'Cause it's almost Christmas / Leave a light on / 'Cause I'm coming home."

Compiled from home movies from Broussard's childhood, which overlap and seamlessly intermingle with clips of his family today, the "Almost Christmas" music video blends the past and the present, revealing a family that spans generations with love.

"My mission has shifted a bit when it comes to how I want my music and my life perceived," says Broussard. "When I first started out, I was told by somebody at the label, 'You need all the ladies to want you and all the fellas to want to be you.' I was never very good at presenting that image because I'm really not that guy; I'm a family man. So my decisions to include my family in videos or on album covers is just me being me. There's no strategy behind it other than to show people who I am, really."

"Almost Christmas" is one of two original songs written for Broussard's 2015 holiday album, Magnolias & Mistletoe. Those songs join eight other classic Christmas carols; the full album is available on Amazon and iTunes.

Broussard tells The Boot that, in 2016, he's excited to spend Christmas with his family in the South and "eat my body weight in turkey and rice dressing" before heading to California for a New Year's Eve show. Throughout 2017, Broussard will be touring in support of his eighth studio album, S.O.S. 2: Save Our Soul: Soul on a Mission, which was released in September; to learn more about upcoming shows, visit his official website.

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