Alongside their parents, duo the Stellas, Maisy Stella and her older sister Lennon had already been making a name for themselves as singers before taking their roles as Daphne and Maddie Conrad on the TV show Nashville -- and Maisy Stella is quick to point out that what fans of the drama see on the show isn't exactly akin to real life.

"Daphne and Maddie are a lot more country than me and Lennon are," Stella tells The Boot. "It’s also kind of weird because whenever we record a song for the show, it’s released as Lennon and Maisy, so I feel like some people get confused by that ... but it’s been really fun and really interesting, getting to record different types of music; it’s been super cool experimenting with other kinds of music."

While 13-year-old Stella won't reveal too many details about the new season of Nashville, she does admit there will be plenty more angst between her and her sister's characters.

"I feel like Daphne is so set on doing music with Maddie, and always has [been], and Maddie wants to go solo," Stella shares. "Daphne feels kind of hurt by that, because that's not really a cool thing to do, so I think Daphne definitely will go with Maddie as long as she possibly can. She really wants to do music with Maddie, and I feel like that’s how it’s going to go."

Although she's the Emmy-winning show's youngest star, Stella says that she feels right at home on set.

"Ever since I was little, I would watch interviews, or even stuff on the Disney Channel, and they would be like, ‘Oh, the cast is wonderful,’ and instantly, I was like, ‘That’s bull. That is so fake,'" Stella remembers. "And then I’m on the show, and I was so surprised, and it really is -- I feel like every time people say this, they probably don’t believe us, but -- it is the best environment you could possibly be in.

"Everyone is so happy. It’s always light and fun, and everyone is so, so nice. There’s not one castmember on the show that we just don’t adore. We just love everyone here," she adds. "It’s the best. It’s just the best cast, for sure, ever."

Offstage, however, Stella's friendships have changed since she began on Nashville.

"I’ve definitely gained friends, but I’ve definitely lost friends," admits Stella, who left public school in sixth grade. "When I was in public school, I was never there, and I feel like a lot of people didn’t like that. It was weird being in public school and also filming; it was also insanely stressful, because there was always homework and tests and everything."

Season 5 of Nashville premiered on Thursday (Jan. 5) on CMT; the show airs on Thursdays at 9PM ET.

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