Luke Combs' next single should be a huge hit with his fans because, well, they chose it.

The country singer conducted a poll on social media that gave his followers the choice between "5 Leaf Clover" and "Love You Anyway" as his next radio hit, and while performing in Nashville, he revealed that his new single will be the latter.

“It was real close. I think it was 51 percent to 49 percent. So, it was neck and neck. The song we’re about to play right now is the winner,” he told the crowd before launching into the song.

"Love You Anyway" is a bittersweet love song that contemplates what one would do if they knew the fate of their relationship. The lyrics proclaim that even if he knew his heart would be broken in the end, he would still go all in on love.

"There's just some things that leave a man no choice / Like a compass needle needin' it's true north / Even if I knew, the day we met, you'd be the reason this heart breaks / Oh, I'd love you anyway," Combs pines in the chorus.

Both the love and the heartbreak found in the track were inspired by his wife, Nicole. The idea came from a Valentine's Day show three years ago: Combs dedicated a different hit song to his then-fiancee, but wasn't sure if she was there to hear the dedication or not.

"Valentine's Day 2020," he recounts on social media. "I was playing a show and had dedicated 'Beautiful Crazy' to Nicole and said, 'If you're in here (the arena), I love you. If not, you know I do anyway."

One of his friends and co-writers, Dan Isbell, was there and he jotted down the words "love you anyway." Later, the two would sit down to write the song alongside Ray Fulcher. The track is included on Combs' album Gettin' Old — as is the other song that was in single contention, "5 Leaf Clover."

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