Often billed as country music's "everyman," Luke Combs found success through his bighearted, relatable songwriting and knack for coming up with irresistible, staunchly country melodies. Combs especially embraces his ethos of hard work and taking pride in doing your best in his song "Does to Me," which is a collaboration with Eric Church.

"Does to Me" comes from Combs' sophomore album, 2019's What You See Is What You GetRead on to learn more about the story behind the song, as told by Combs himself. 

I wrote that song a couple years ago. Up until I started doing [music], I hadn't really done anything in my life that I think anybody would think is really cool or really great. And also, I felt like there were so many people who were like, "Well, what are you doing with yourself?" Especially when you get out of college, [people] start hounding you with that question -- like, "When are you getting married?" "When are you getting a job?" You know what I mean?

There are these little things that, to anyone else, might seem super insignificant -- but they're things that I'm really proud of ... There's nothing wrong with being proud of things that people think are insignificant. I always hated that about school: If you weren't getting As, nobody really cared. But it's like, "Well, I'm proud I got a B, because I tried really hard, and that was the best that I could do." As long as I did my best, I know that I can go away being proud of that.

I think my life has been a series of those kinds of things, before I started doing this: things that I really tried hard at, but I just wasn't very good at. I'm still proud that I did them. I'm still proud at trying to be better at those things.

I think there was something about that idea that [Church] gravitated towards. We're both from the same part of the country, the same state; we went to the same school. I think, at the end of the day, we have a lot of the same values about music and touring. There were just a lot of things that lined up. So I really wanted him to like the song.

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