Luke Bryan is debuting another new song, "Kill the Lights," along with its lyric video, exclusively on the dating app Tinder.

A video message from Bryan showed up on the app on Friday morning (July 31) at 9AM ET. In it, the singer introduces the title track from his upcoming fifth studio album.

"Make sure you go check out my brand-new lyric video for "Kill the Lights," the title track of my new album, exclusively right now on Tinder," he says in the introductory video, which you can watch above.

Even though his music is being released via the matchmaker site, don't expect to find Bryan swiping right or swiping left. He'll swipe for one person and one person only: his gorgeous wife Caroline, whom he married in 2006.

"I'm happily married and not on Tinder," Bryan tells Mashable, "but I hope my fans on Tinder enjoy the song — and if they're not on Tinder, now's the chance."

Bryan isn't the only musician who has used Tinder to promote their tunes. Jason Derulo and Zedd recently promoted their music with branded Tinder profiles. Users who swiped right for Derulo or Zedd were "matched" and encouraged to get involved with the singers by previewing their songs, buying their albums, watching their music videos or entering a contest, according to Mashable.

The country star isn't afraid to use technology to connect with fans. In addition to his Tinder debut, Bryan also released his own fan app on July 24.

“I really see it as the perfect opportunity to connect with my fans in a very meaningful and direct way,” he says of the app.

Bryan's Kill the Lights is scheduled to hit the streets on Aug. 7. After Tinder's exclusive "Kill the Lights" premiere, the song will be available on iTunes beginning on Aug. 4.

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