On Sept. 23, Luke Bryan will release his first-ever Farm Tour EP, Here's to the Farmer, and at a recent performance, the country superstar gave fans a taste of one of its brand-new songs.

The song is called "Southern Gentleman," and according to YouTube user xMeron, who posted the above video, Bryan told his audience that it's one of two new tunes that he wrote for his forthcoming EP. The track is a love song that finds the singer professing, "Ain't nobody gonna love you better than / This Southern gentleman."

"You looked at me like I was crazy / When I said 'ma'am' to that little old lady / You ain't heard talk like that lately," Bryan sings to open "Southern Gentleman." In the chorus, he adds, "I was raised to stand up when you walk in the door / Spin you around an old hard pine floor / Rock you, baby, on a wrap-around porch underneath a magnolia blossom ... Say, 'I love you' when I pull you close, and you know it's true as the gospel."

Bryan is currently on the road for his Kill the Lights Tour, but come October, he'll be out on his annual Farm Tour, during which fans will likely hear "Southern Gentleman" and more from his Farm Tour EP. The trek is set to kick off on Oct. 5 and run through Oct. 15; dates are scheduled in South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Missouri and Illinois — eight in total.

A track listing for Bryan's Here's to the Farmer EP has not yet been revealed. His current single, from Kill the Lights, his most recent album, is "Move."

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