"Obviously, the song is about a guy meeting a girl and them having a connection right off the bat," Luke Bryan says about his latest chart climber, 'I Don't Want This Night to End.' The singer takes fans behind-the-scenes of the accompanying video as part of his latest LBTV (Luke Bryan TV) webisode series. (Watch the video below.)

How does Luke feel about his first real video acting role with speaking parts and a love interest? "It's really cool to write a song and act out a part for the video," says the singer. "I pulled out some old theatre skills from back in the high school days."

"Working with Luke is so much fun! He's like a big kid -- it's hard to to get him to calm down," says actress Cameron Richardson, the singer's gorgeous video fling. "He's always making jokes."

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The song is the second radio single from Luke's latest studio album, 'Tailgates & Tanlines,' which has already produced the platinum-selling, No. 1 single 'Country Girl (Shake It for Me).' Luke will no doubt perform the tune when he resumes touring in January, traveling the country as an opening act on Jason Aldean's 2012 tour.

Click here for a list of Luke's tour dates and appearances.

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