There's no one more excited about Luke Bryan's Country Music Hall of Fame exhibit, Luke Bryan: Dirt Road Diary, than the singer himself.

Bryan, his friends and family and members of the music industry celebrated the summer exhibit, which is now open to the public, on Wednesday (May 20). When he walked into the exhibit for the first time, Bryan said that he felt "like I'm going to go host a big awards show. I'm nervous."

"It's exciting. A big honor," he added. "[I'm] amazingly humbled to have such a good-looking exhibit."

Bryan wasn't aware of several personal artifacts that are displayed in the exhibit, but he said, "I'm freaking out seeing that they're here. So I'm ready to take it all in."

The ACM Awards and CMA Awards Entertainer of the Year's exhibit is a Bryan fan's dream. In it are personal artifacts that fans have never seen before, highlighting special moments in the country star's life: his Little League baseball uniform and glove, his second grade school backpack and denim jacket, his first guitar (which Bryan received from his parents at the age of 14) and the script from his high school's production of Annie Get Your Gun, in which he starred.

There are also handwritten lyrics to "I See You," stage props from Bryan's Spring Break concerts, stage clothes, trophies and even the bow and arrows that Bryan used on the Outdoor Channel's Buck Commander.

When asked if there was one thing at home that he didn't want to give to the museum, Bryan joked, "I don't reckon they got any underwear in here, so I think we're good."

One of the aspects that Bryan was most excited about was seeing his children experience the exhibit featuring their daddy.

“My kids are, I think, just starting to understand what dad does, and I think to be able to take your 6-year-old and your 4-year-old and show them an exhibit … is so unbelievably cool and amazing,” he reflected when the exhibit was announced. “It is something that just five, six years ago, I walked Broadway, and I walked these bars and these streets, dreaming of being in this situation one day …

“Being in this room and being all through the halls of this place … and now that family and friends and fans of mine can come to town and see an exhibit of mine is just truly, truly [amazing],” Bryan added.

Luke Bryan: Dirt Road Diary runs through November 8. More information is available on the Country Music Hall of Fame's website.

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