Lukas Nelson has learned a thing or two about career longevity from his famous father, country icon Willie Nelson. But he and his band Promise of the Real have also been together for more than a decade now, and so they know firsthand the importance of keeping their work as musicians in perspective.

"If it's not fun, it's not gonna happen very long," Lukas Nelson points out in the band's newly released Backstage at the Ryman episode, debuting exclusively on The Boot. Readers can press play above to watch.

From the sound of it, these guys don't have any trouble finding the fun in their career: They admit to spending their time on the road playing poker (a Nelson family tradition?) and pulling pranks on each other.

"We're high on life," Nelson says, "... and other things.

"You might have to cut that out," he jokes as he and his bandmates laugh.

Nelson and Promise of the Real have reason to be "high on life" right now: They released their newest album, Turn Off the News (Build a Garden), in mid-June and have a summer full of tour dates ahead of them. They filmed their Backstage at the Ryman episode before a sold-out show at the historic venue in mid-May.

"It's like church for us to be able to be here ... It's also doubly special because Dad spent a lot of time here, and a lot of his friends are those people I see on the walls," Nelson says of playing the Ryman.

"And that inspires us," adds drummer Anthony LoGerfo. "It really does, you know? It makes us ... get more connected."

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