Love and Theft are gearing up to write a their first fan-inspired song. Now through November 10, fans can submit entries of their most original and effective way to promote Love and Theft, then put their ideas into action. The winner of the 'Our Song for You' contest will get the ultimate prize: a song written about them by the group's Eric Gunderson, Stephen Barker Liles and Brian Bandas.

"We thought it was such a great idea, especially since we're such passionate songwriters," Stephen tells The Boot of the contest, which was presented to them by Planet Verge. "That will be a fun thing for us to do. We'll have to interview whoever wins the contest and get to know them a little bit more so we can write a song based on them. It's something that we may even think about doing again later in the future. It's a cool way to get the fans interacting and showing us what they think is a good way to promote Love and Theft."

As far as the context of the song, the band says anything is possible. "It might be a love song; you never know," Stephen says with a grin. "[The winner] could be my soulmate. [laughs]"

Fans worldwide can enter the 'Our Song for You' contest by sending their documented ideas showing the band what they did to promote Love and Theft to For a complete list of contest rules and regulations click here. The trio has also put together a teaser video about the contest, which can be viewed by clicking here.

In the meantime, Love and Theft are currently in the studio working on the follow-up to their 2009 debut CD, 'World Wide Open.'

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