Video: 'Angel Eyes'

Why We Dig It: Shot on Stephen Barker Liles' farm outside Nashville, 'Angel Eyes' is the duo's debut single and their first since bandmate Brian Bandas departed last year. It's also Stephen and L&T partner Eric Gunderson's first for RCA Nashville, having signed with the label last year, following the closing of their previous label home, Lyric Street Records.

Stephen and Eric aren't the only pair depicted in the clip, however. Their romantic counterparts are a wide-eyed, seemingly innocent blonde and a wilder, carefree brunette. But the song's message, that there's "a little bit of devil in those angel eyes," implies that it wouldn't take much for either one to switch places.

By sheer coincidence, 'Angel Eyes' was released to radio stations on Nov. 14, which is the birth date of not only Stephen's mom but Eric's, as well. Both women were, in fact, born the same year!

Watch Love and Theft's 'Angel Eyes' Video