Lonestar recently released their 10th studio album, Never Enders, and they're premiering the music video for the project's title track (and first single) exclusively on The Boot.

"Never Enders" tips a hat to Lonestar's longevity in country music, but it also works as a theme song for anyone determined to accomplish whatever goal they've set. It's an optimistic manifesto of sorts: “We are crazy, wild dreamers / We are long-shot believers / We are make-a-promise keepers,” the band sings in the chorus. “We are, we are, we are / We are now, we are forever / We are in this thing together / We don’t give up or surrender / We are, we are, we are never enders.”

The "Never Enders" music video shows Lonestar riding through a neighborhood in an old-school Cadillac, passing by a father playing catch with his son, a soldier surprising a loved one upon his return home, a fellow motorist helping a "Nashville-bound" hitchhiker and more. Shots of the band performing "Never Enders" are interspersed, at near the end of the clip, each of the characters Lonestar pass on their drive gets a little screen time to shine.

Lonestar have more than 10 No. 1 songs to their name and have sold more than 10 million albums. Never Enders features 10 new songs from the hit-making band and is available now via Amazon and iTunes.

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