Logan Mize and Clare Dunn are long-haul truckers looking for a little on-the-road companionship -- and a little music -- in their new "Get 'Em Together" music video. Press play above to watch the clip, premiering exclusively on The Boot.

From "somewhere in the Midwest," Mize ("Little Logie Bear") and Dunn ("Clare Bear") connect via CB radio, arranging to "get 'em together" for a work-related road trip. The two meet up on the highway and make their way to their destination for a truck bed-based performance in Andale, Kan.

Both Mize and Dunn have backgrounds in trucking: He got his CDL license after graduating high school and worked as a trucker during college and after he moved to Nashville, until he signed his first publishing deal. She, meanwhile, learned to drive semis growing up on her family's Colorado ranch, and worked as a truck driver to raise the money she needed to move to Music City for college and to pursue her music career.

"Nowadays I live back in Kansas on my wife’s family’s farm and drive the semi for them during harvest seasons," Mize shares with The Boot. Adds Dunn, "I will always be grateful for all the life lessons I learned (and fun I had) behind the wheel of a semi."

Dallas Davidson, Mark Holman, Ben Hayslip and Justin Wilson co-wrote "Get 'Em Together," an upbeat, flirtatious track that Daniel Agee produced. Mize describes the song as "fun and lighthearted," and adds that Dunn's inclusion "gave the song the spark it needed.”

"I’ve always admired [Dallas Davidson’s] simplicity with words, yet it always feels fresh. I think that’s one of the charms and strengths of country music and that definitely shines with this song," Dunn notes. "I think when the music complements the lyrics and vice versa, like it does in this song, it’s really something special."

"Get 'Em Together" is one of Mize's newest tracks. He's working toward a new album in 2021, on which fans will likely find this song.

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