Logan Brill writes and sings with a musical sense that belies her 22 years. The singer-songwriter's debut album, 'Walking Wires,' is filled with evocative songs that are a far cry from the slick pop country of many of her contemporaries.

“I’m generally an extremely happy person,” the Knoxville native says with a laugh. “I only have very few days a year that I’m down, but I’m really into depressing music. I’m really into music that’s intimate in that sense, even if it’s something that I’ve never experienced before. I’m drawn to the level of depth that you don’t get in upbeat songs.”

'Bad Habits' is a bit of departure for Brill.

"'Bad Habits' is a different take on the typical break up song, and it has a certain grit that rounds out the more affecting songs on the album," the singer says.

She adds, "Sometimes you just want a break from the soft and sentimental, and to sing about something real and provocative. I think 'Bad Habits' is just that."

'Walking Wires' is due out on Oct. 15 via Carnival Music. It is currently available for pre-order here.

Listen to Logan Brill, 'Bad Habits'