Little Big Town know how to make beautiful music with their unique four-part harmonies. And when it comes to instruments, while bandmates Phillip Sweet and Jimi Westbrook play a mean guitar, Karen Fairchild regrets not learning how to play.

"I wish I would have stuck with piano, but because piano wasn't coming as easy singing, I quit, which is so lame of me," she admits to The Boot. "I can voice parts for the band and do a little of my recital piece from like the third grade but because the singing came easy, I just went that direction. I started singing in as many things as I could, little school programs and stuff like that. I took the easy way out, but if I had to do it all over again, I'd take guitar lessons and I'd be a kick-butt banjo player. Nothing's more fun than a spicy chick playing banjo."

Maybe having a "kick-butt" banjo-playing vocal powerhouse could add an extra element to the quartet, but until then, Little Big Town is kicking some butt on the concert trails. Their next stop is in Tampa, Fla., tonight (October 15). Check out more of their tour schedule here.