Levi Parham is revealing his music video for "Ruby" exclusively to readers of the Boot, and it's an imaginative clip following the adventures of a young boy named Bear.

The video's main character is the young boy, who is around the age of four or so. Although he is the visual focal point, the lyrics of the song are about Bear's mother, the titular Ruby: She's a single mom raising her adorable son -- and she's doing her best, even though the circumstances seem daunting to her. Ruby and Bear are moving out of the house, and the video shows the little guy dreaming of his new life.

As he falls asleep in his car seat, Bear dreams about what life will be like in the future. He wanders through the outdoors, happens upon ducks at a park, cuddles with a dog, plays hide and seek and does everything a four-year-old loves to do.

"We were inspired to follow Bear's imaginative exploration of the new life carved out for him by the efforts of the mother, Ruby, while the lyrics are about the mother's struggles," Parham tells The Boot. "She deals with depression over raising her son alone. She's motivated by raising her baby yet still carries with her the emotions and desires of a young woman."

Parham's soulful, gritty and tender voice provides a cool contrast to the young boy's innocence and vibrancy.

"Ruby" is actually connected to another song of Parham's, called "Never Coming Home to Me," which is quite personal to the singer. He wrote it seven years ago, when he and his daughter's mother separated -- and then "locked it away" and forgot about it.

"When I started working with [producer] Nathan [Dohse], I started making demos of a bunch of different songs to see what stuck," Parham says. "Nathan immediately brought "Never Coming Home to Me" out of the pile, and we started breathing new life into it."

The Southeast Oklahoma native's debut album, An Okie Opera, was released in May 2013. "Ruby" is the third single from his sophomore project, Avalon Drive, a six-song EP that was released on CD, vinyl and digital formats in December.

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