Earlier this year, country newcomer Lee Brice had the opportunity to open a string of shows for Clay Walker. As Lee watched Clay's show night after night, he absorbed as much as he could from his stage presence to hopefully incorporate into his own show in years to come.

"Clay is not somebody who fakes his way through a show," Lee tells The Boot. "He is a great singer and a great entertainer. It's good to be around somebody like that because you learn something every day. Somebody who has been doing it that long ... he knows what he's doing. I love playing shows. I think I'm pretty good at having energy and things, but man, if you ever think you're too good and you can't learn anything else, you need to quit. I know that I can get better every day."

Curb Records
Curb Records

Lee also built up a friendship with Clay while on the road, which is something he feels will remain strong throughout both of their careers. "Clay is a great, great, great guy! He has gone above and beyond what the closing guy has to do," Lee says. "Even more than I can say. He's just awesome. Any time I get the chance to hang out with somebody like him is great. He's been around a long time and is just great!"

Lee's current single, 'Love Like Crazy,' is his first Top 10 hit as an artist. Back in 2007, Lee's tune 'More Than a Memory' which he co-wrote with Kellie Pickler's fiance, Kyle Jacobs, and Billy Montana, debuted at No. 1 after Garth Brooks recorded and released the song.

Lee's debut album, 'Love Like Crazy,' is in stores now.