Lee Ann Womack ran into the long arm of the law last Friday night (February 18). As the Texas-bred songbird -- who is on tour with George Strait and Reba McEntire -- came off the stage at the Cleveland, Ohio show, she was stunned to see two police officers waiting for her.

"All I saw was this giant badge, and my heart stopped," Lee Ann tells People. "I swear, I was so scared. I had no idea what was going on."

But she knew it was a prank when she saw one police officer was clad in a British bobby uniform and the other holding handcuffs was her tour manager. "Then I just doubled over laughing," she says. "But they got me. They got me good!"

The group dreamed up the prank after a pajama-wearing Lee Ann tried to walk her dogs around the Quicken Loans Arena early that morning. Not only was she stopped by security guards -- who didn't recognize her and refused to allow her near her tour bus -- but several people mistook her for LeAnn Rimes.

Although Lee Ann was shaken by the early morning run in, the prank gave her a good chuckle. Still, she likely can't wait to relax more by jumping into her favorite bubbly.

Lee Ann tells People that when she wants to relax, there's nowhere she'd rather be than at home. "I've got this tub with jets in these tiny holes on the bottom that really massage your feet," she says. "It is so relaxing."

Womack's preferred nightly ritual also means unwinding with her favorite bubbles (Estée Lauder Beautiful bath gel), Gold Canyon candles and a little TV (there's a set near the tub) for the news and weather.

"Even a quick bath relaxes me," she says. "But if I have time, I'll stay in and just keep refilling the hot water. It feels so good!"

Lee Ann is on tour. Her next scheduled concert is March 4 when she'll again play Cleveland. For more tour information, check here.

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