'Dancing With the Stars' features three country stars this season -- Julianne Hough, Chuck Wicks and Jewel. But if the show had it's way, there would be an even stronger Nashville representation.

"They've asked for the last three years," LeAnn Rimes reveals to GAC, "But I haven't had the time. That's a true commitment and a big workout. I would love to do it, but we'll see. Maybe one day, that would be fun."

Rimes did appear on the show in its third season, but only for one night, as she performed her mega hit, 'How Do I Live.'

One artist who isn't saying "maybe one day" is Trace Adkins. While he was quite successful on another reality show, 'Celebrity Apprentice,' the country crooner will not be putting on his reality dancing shoes ... ever. "I've turned down 'Dancing With The Stars,'" he says. "I'm not gonna do that, just not gonna do it. I'm not gonna humiliate myself just to be on television."

Of course, there may be hope for him after all. Hough originally turned it down this year as well, to focus on her musical career, but was lured back by the opportunity to dance with singer/boyfriend Wicks. But contrary to popular belief, she doesn't feel that they have an edge over the other dancers.

"Are you kidding?" she laughs. "First of all, we don't have time to get in any extra practice. We're actually struggling to get in the normal amount. We're just gonna go there and have a blast, because that's what the show is all about. And plus it gives us time to spend together."

'Dancing With the Stars' returns Monday, March 9 on ABC.