Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images

Earlier this year, LeAnn Rimes spent 30 days in a treatment center to cope with anxiety and stress. And now, in a taped interview with E! News, airing Dec. 9, the singer reveals she was also fighting depression.

"When you look around and you go 'I'm crying, like, uncontrollably, no one can help me,' that's when I knew I had to seek help," Rimes says, "I was incredibly depressed and not quite sure of who I was."

Continuous outside scrutiny didn't make it any easier to cope with her depression.

"People are so quick to judge and make decisions for themselves about situations they know absolutely nothing about," she admits.

After leaving the facility in September, the 30-year-old said working through the issues helped her focus on herself.

"I've been in therapy my whole life," she told the Boston Herald. "I like going. I like being able to have that third-party input and someone to listen that has nothing to do with your life. Everyone has an opinion of how I am and how I should be, and now I'm focusing on how I want to be."