LeAnn Rimes' tiramisu recipe apparently calls for a dash of gossip. When the singer appeared on Gordon Ramsay's cooking show, 'Cookalong Live,' on Tuesday, she was posed with some lighthearted questions about her personal life.

"Now LeAnn, I don't normally read the gossip magazines, but is it true ..." Gordon started to ask LeAnn, who interrupted saying, "Are you and I dating now?"

But the chef wasn't referring to LeAnn's love life. He was more curious about her driving record!

"Is it true you've had nearly three car accidents in the last six months?" he asked, as the two whipped up the scrumptious dessert.

"No, it is not true," LeAnn answered with a smile. "One didn't even happen. The other I was being followed by 50 paparazzi and I accidentally might have rolled into another car ... but it didn't even leave a scratch on my car! And then the third one, I might have ... who knows if I ran into him or he ran into me, but I had an accident with a golf cart."

This is one of LeAnn's first public appearances since announcing her divorce from husband Dean Sheremet, following a rumored affair with actor Eddie Cibrian. The singer is putting the finishing touches on a new album, due out next year.