Lauren Davidson is giving readers of The Boot an exclusive first listen to her upcoming single, "Loaded Gun."

The song was written by Davidson, along with her father, Cristian Castro and Augusto Pajares. Castro also produced the tune.

""Loaded Gun" has a bit of a double-edged meaning," Davidson explains. "We've all had relationships where we felt somewhat out of control and guided by the other person's wants and desires. With "Loaded Gun," I was trying to regain control of my own situation and reassert some inner strength.

"On the other side, I always try to be a no-nonsense type of girl: small in stature but big on inner strength," she continues, "so basically, I'm a "Loaded Gun!""

Davidson hails from New York City, where she has carved out a niche for herself as an established singer-songwriter inspired by artists of all genres, including rock, pop, country and jazz. When not touring extensively as a solo artist, Davidson sings lead with the popular country tribute band Big Hix. She also recently served as an opening act for LoCash.

The singer previously released the single "Sometimes" and hints that fans will soon be able to hear a lot more music from her.

"There are definitely plans to release an EP in the not-so-distant future," Davidson says. "I think it’s very important to always be writing, and I always want to be playing live so there’s lots of material circling around."

Listen to Lauren Davidson, "Loaded Gun":