In an age in which we all have a digital platform to express ourselves, we seldom feel heard. Kyshona, the electrifying Nashville-based singer-songwriter, knows that better than anyone.

As a longtime music therapist, Kyshona has mastered the art of shaping other people’s perspectives into song. Following the impulse to use music to express her own voice, she built bridges with the rich creative community in Nashville, and on Feb. 28, she will release a new LP, Listen, co-produced with Andrija Tokic (St. Paul & the Broken Bones, Alabama Shakes, Hurray for the Riff Raff) and recorded mostly at his famed Nashville studio, the Bomb Shelter.

Kyshona effortlessly grooves between roots, R&B and folk music. On “Fear,” premiering exclusively on The Boot, she digs deep into a swampy hook that dredges the depths of our subconscious. While the song explores all of the ways we tell ourselves what we can’t do, Kyshona imbues it with the determination needed to free ourselves from our doubts.

Kyshona co-wrote "Fear" with Kelvin Armstrong, her sibling and a Nashville songwriter. "We were discussing the paths we’ve taken in life and how different those paths may have been if we hadn’t let fear guide us,” Kyshona tells The Boot.

“Fear is that boogieman that sits quietly in the corner of our minds that can paralyze us the moment confidence enters the picture," she reflects. "Rather than listen to that voice that’s telling you why change isn’t possible, call it out. Recognize the fear and move past it. It’s just another wall to be knocked down. We can’t let fear rule our every move. Fear is what has kept us so divided."

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Listen to Kyshona's "Fear"

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