In his brand-new "Jesus, Jack Daniels and Me" music video, premiering exclusively on The Boot, Kyle Jennings convinces us that all a guy needs in life is a woman who loves ... well, Jesus, Jack Daniel's and him.

The clip begins with Jennings and a buddy grilling burgers. His friend asks, "So, how's it going -- with the girl, I mean?"

"Oh her?" Jennings responds. "Oh, you know -- she's alright."

Viewers get a first glimpse of Jennings' lady --  blonde, beautiful and feisty -- when she sticks her head out the front door and yells, "You better not turn my burger into a hockey puck!" Their banter may have viewers thinking that Jennings' relationship is headed down the tubes, until his girlfriend cracks a playful smile at the end ... and Jennings admits that she's definitely the one.

"She's tough as a Monday / Soft on my mind / She's the first one to laugh / The first one to cry," Jennings sings in the song's first verse. "And you better believe she's all mine."

The "Jesus, Jack Daniels and Me" clip shows the couple living life together -- and if it doesn't convince viewers that country girls are simply the best, nothing will. Jennings' girlfriend shows her sassy side by sneaking up on him with a hose and shows off her sultry side by jumping into a lake -- and then inviting him along. She goes fishing and watches football, and, best of all, her wide smile shows just how much she loves her man.

"She likes my old pickup and sad country songs / Back roads and sunsets and dancing 'til dawn / Flowers and horses and her faded blue jeans," Jennings sings. "Oh, but she loves Jesus, Jack Daniels and me."

"Jesus, Jack Daniels and Me" is from Jennings' upcoming new album, which will be released this summer via Dark Horse Nashville. The single is available for download via iTunes.

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