Kristian Bush is making the most of his time as a solo artist: The singer, whose duo with Jennifer NettlesSugarland, is currently on hiatus, released his first solo album, Southern Gravity, in April of 2015 and is already thinking about his next project.

"A lot of people write a lot of songs, but I have this affliction where I want to record them as soon as possible, so I go in and track things right when I write them," Bush tells The Boot. "I have this wonderful studio and this wonderful engineer partner in Atlanta, and he and I just track."

Since Sugarland began their break after the birth of Nettles' son Magnus in December of 2012, Bush has spent his time honing his craft.

"This is the thing I love. It’s also the thing I go do," he explains. "I need to get paid for it. I need to go out and generate my future, and my kids' future, and their kids' future."

Bush had a hand in writing almost all of Sugarland's chart-topping hits, in addition to the songs on Southern Gravity, but he insists that he doesn't write with singles in mind.

"I don’t pick singles. I never pick singles. Not even in Sugarland," Bush maintains. "... It’s not my job to go convince the radio station to play it; it’s somebody else’s job. I have always maintained that the artist needs to spend their time making better songs."

Southern Gravity is available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes.

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