Kix Brooks is not resting on his laurels after ending his professional relationship with former duo partner, Ronnie Dunn. Last month, he was in Phoenix, Ariz., shooting his first feature film role in 'Thrift Store Cowboy,' and now he's overseas on a USO tour of the Middle East, which is scheduled to continue through this weekend.

The songwriter and American Country Countdown radio show host reported in from his trip, saying, "We just did our first show, and it went great! This group of folks I'm traveling with are amazing!" Kix is joined by professional bicyclist Lance Armstrong, comedians Lewis Black and Kathleen Madigan, songwriter Bob DiPiero and superstar Robin Williams.

During his 2008 USO tour to the Persian Gulf, Kix was on hand to entertain and inspire military personnel, but he left inspired by them. "To look at these kids and men and women who are going out on these missions, they just have a light in their eyes," says Kix. "They have a great enthusiasm. They really mean to get the job done here. It's really been something for me to see and meet these people up close ... it's a shame that all of America doesn't get this opportunity, because it definitely is an eye-opening experience."

The exact dates and locations of upcoming performances are not being released to the public, due to security measures in perilous conditions. Kix is expected to return to the States next week.