He might be best known as Jack Bauer, the terrorism-fighting FBI agent from Fox's 24, but Kiefer Sutherland is embarking on a brand-new career. The actor is planning to release a country album and has shared its first single, "Not Enough Whiskey."

A ballad for the most bitter of breakups, "Not Enough Whiskey" is the first of many originally penned tracks from Sutherland. Its lyrics are simple and somber, with just the right dose of heartbreak thanks to his distinctive, gravelly baritone.

“Pull the shades, lock the door / Drag your feet across the floor / Memories hang in the hall / Pull them down off the wall," Sutherland sings. "Now it’s done / She is gone / Long gone / There’s not enough whiskey in the world tonight / Not enough whiskey for you to see the light.”

The music video for "Not Enough Whiskey," which readers can watch above, was entirely financed by Sutherland, in an effort to show just how serious he is about his new country career.

"It's been done before and, on some levels, not very well,” Sutherland tells Rolling Stone. “A lot of actors make records but won't tour to support them or make videos, and it ends up not being serious. I felt strongly that this was something I wanted to do."

"Not Enough Whiskey" will be available on iTunes beginning on April 1; Down in a Hole is set for release this summer. In support of the record, Sutherland will tour small theaters in New York, New Jersey, Tennessee and other spots throughout April and May. He will also be a presenter at the 2016 ACM Awards on Sunday (April 3).

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