Kid Rock delivered a four-minute, expletive-laced campaign speech at a recent concert in Grand Rapids Mich. Video of the full speech has since been removed from YouTube, but readers can press play above to watch a snippet at their own risk.

Feeling at home in his native state, Rock made very clear his feelings about the KKK, Black Lives Matter, being politically correct and who won the election. The artist (legal name Robert Ritchie) has been cagey about his intentions to run for U.S. Senate, insisting that it's a legitimate possibility but failing to register as a candidate.

In the midst of a campaign snafu himself, Rock entered the stage at Grand Rapids' Van Andel Arena to the sounds of "Hail to the Chief" and took his place behind a presidential podium, flanked by a scantily clad entourage. He delivered a provocative prayer / poem / oration, calling out racism and telling the audience that we've all got a part to play.

"Now let's get down to brass tacks before I hit you with this funk ... It's no secret we're divided, and we all should take some blame," Rock says. "Almighty Jesus, if you're looking down tonight, please guide us with your wisdom and give us strength to fight ..."

More clips from fans who were at Rock's show have since appeared on Instagram and Twitter. After laying into deadbeat dads and universal healthcare, Rock's politically fueled tirade ends with a taunt to his campaign naysayers.

“If ‘Kid Rock for Senate’ has got folks in disarray," he says, "wait ’til they hear ‘Kid Rock for President of the USA’!”

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