Kid Rock has released the track listing and cover artwork for his upcoming album 'First Kiss.'

The album is set for release on Feb. 24 and will feature a more roots-oriented sound, with Kid Rock backed by the Band of Heathens for most of the album.

"Kid Rock was a fan of the band, and we ended up connecting with him last year ... We just generally had a good time hanging out and jamming on old tunes together," the band's Ed Jurdi says of working with the artist. "So then he gave us a call and asked us if we’d come up to his studio outside Detroit and do some recording. So the whole band went up there for a week, and we made some music and generally had a great time, just hanging out as friends. He enjoyed our aesthetic and wanted to capture it for the songs he was working on."

Kid Rock produced 'First Kiss,' which is his 10th studio album, himself. One song on the album, 'Drinking Beer With Dad,' is a pedal steel country ballad that he calls "one of the best songs I've ever written." The album also features a tribute to Hank Williams, Jr., as well as a love song about Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash.

'First Kiss' is available for pre-order on Amazon and iTunes. More information, including tour dates and song lyrics, can be found at

Kid Rock, 'First Kiss' Track Listing:

1. 'First Kiss'
2. 'Good Times, Cheap Wine'
3. 'Johnny Cash'
4. 'Ain't Enough Whiskey'
5. 'Drinking Beer With Dad'
6. 'Good Time Lookin' for Me'
7. 'Best of Me'
8. 'One More Song'
9. 'Jesus and Bocephus'
10. 'FOAD' (explicit bonus track)
11. 'Say Goodbye' (clean bonus track)