Kevin Costner is best known as a movie star, but the actor is planning a new film project with a different focus.

Many fans of Costner's films may not know that he is also a musician, but the 'Draft Day' star has his sights set on making a movie about his band, Kevin Costner & Modern West.

"It's kind of almost a documentary," he says [quote via the Tennessean]. "We didn't have a plan for the music, and we've really gone around the world playing. I've been in Brazil. Who would have thought that when I said I'd like to play wherever I'm making a movie?"

Costner says that he started filming when the band first got together nine years ago, and he now has plenty of footage and around 60 songs that he's written with his band mates.

"It might be interesting for people," he says. "It might not, I don't know. But to see what it's like to start a band … some people might say, 'You're famous. It's easy.' And I might say, 'No, wait a second. It's not that easy.'"

Costner is waiting to see the level of interest from television networks before deciding on the fate of the project, which may be called 'Where the Music Takes You.'

"The people I make music with are also the people I go on vacation with," he says. "We have a friendship. It doesn't feel like work to me. Some people get it and some people don't. I don't have to prove anything to anybody but really myself."

The actor's latest film, 'Draft Day,' recently hit theaters. This year also marks the 25th anniversary of his iconic film 'Field of Dreams,' for which Costner will travel to Iowa to celebrate with the rest of the cast.

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