He's sung everything from rock songs to lullabies, and now Kenny Loggins is part of a new country-infused trio, Blue Sky Riders, that includes two of Nashville's biggest tunesmiths, Gary Burr and Georgia Middleman. The group began from a regular writing appointment, but quickly realized they were on the verge of something extraordinary.

"Back in 2008, Gary and Kenny were writing for Kenny's record 'How About Now,'" Georgia tells The Boot. "Kenny had such a great time writing and singing with Gary that he asked Gary if he would be interested in forming a duo. Gary laughed and said, 'sure,' only half taking Kenny seriously. But Kenny kept bringing it up through the years and when they finally decided to give it a try, Kenny came up with the extra idea of adding a female voice, preferably someone who could write as well. He had done a duo before but never a trio, and that idea excited him. He asked Gary if he knew of anyone. When Gary brought my name up and sent him some of my stuff, Kenny decided to fly in to Nashville so we could all meet. Next thing you know, we're sitting in a room writing our first song and our blend sounded so good that we decided to throw caution to the wind. And Blue Sky Riders was born."

The blend of the 'Footloose' singer's vocals with Gary's velvet voice was reminiscent of Kenny's time as one-half of the duo Loggins and Messina, almost 40 years ago. "The best part was that when we sang together, we sounded like brothers. The last time I experienced that kind of blend was with Jimmy Messina in 1971," Kenny writes on their website. But it was when Georgia joined the group that something extraordinary happened.

"What a meeting!" Kenny recalls. "We wrote our first song and were singing with a three-part blend that comes once in a lifetime."

Blue Sky Riders are hard at work on their debut album (get a sneak peek here). They will open for Kenny on his summer tour, as well as perform several of their own shows. Keep track of their concert schedule here.

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