The country music songbook includes a few songs about football, but there's none better than Kenny Chesney's 2010 hit "The Boys of Fall." The single had a quick ascent up the charts, too, proving its universal power.

Chesney released "The Boys of Fall," written by Casey Beathard and Dave Turnbull, in July of 2010, as the first single from his Hemingway's Whiskey album. In August, its cameo-filled music video premiered on SportsCenter -- and two months later, in early October, Chesney had another No. 1 hit on his hands.

It's an impressive showing for a song that came out of a directionless songwriting session -- but, Beathard tells The Boot, once he and Turnbull started talking football, the flowed quickly. However, he admits, "It was not so much about football as much as, we were talking about life."

"I always coordinate football with life anyway -- leaning on each other and all that stuff you face in life," Beathard adds. "There's not a small town -- or any town -- in this country that doesn't get it."

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