One of the fastest-rising songs of his career, Kenny Chesney's 'American Kids' has already scored 116 adds in its first week of release. Now, the country music hitmaker has announced that he will premiere the song's energetic video on Monday, June 30.

“I don’t care who you are or what you do,” Chesney notes, “everybody needs to let their hair down, just forget about expectations and be in the moment. I love this song because of the way it paints a picture of how we all grow up, the innocence and the fun; but if you really listen, it’s about how we should really live and love.”

A behind-the-scenes peek at shows a school bus painted in a myriad of bright colors, while Chesney is standing on top of the bus with a group of people, looking like they are having the time of their lives.

“When you hear that song, big as it is, you can tell there’s so much more to it: the freedom, the rush of how good life feels when you let go and embrace it," the Tennessee native explains. "It’s easy to do a literal video, have a bonfire, hit a small town football field, but I wanted everyone to get out of what they know! It’s when you don’t know, and you’re winging it sometimes, that you have the most fun.”

Chesney had a specific goal in mind when planning the video with renowned director Shaun Silva.

"If I could create a video where it wasn't so literal, but more about the state of mind and the freedom my fans embrace, then to me, that’s the best way to capture the song on film," he explains. "Anyone, everyone who’s ever been glad they’re alive... they’ll take one look at this and know."

'American Kids' is the debut single from Chesney's upcoming 16th studio album, and while Chesney says he is still working on the remainder of the record, he knew as soon as he heard the tune he wanted to include it on the project.

“I knew it was one of the freshest things in a long time when I heard it,” he recalls. “And then I heard it on the radio, and I couldn’t believe how great it sounded! ‘American Kids’ sounded as freewheeling and free-spirited as the folks I’m singing about… and no matter how old you are, I promise, unless you were one of those kids who just didn’t like fun, you know just how alive this feels.”

Download 'American Kids' here.