Emotional, honest songwriting is a hallmark of Kalsey Kulyk's musical identity, and the process that led her to writing her song "Roll With It" is no exception. A frustrated meditation on a flagging relationship, the song lays bare Kulyk's inner turmoil during a complicated period of her life. 

A gifted storyteller with a knack for boiling complex ideas down to simple phrasing, Kulyk penned "Roll With It" solo. Read on to learn the story behind the song, told in the singer's own words.

I wrote "Roll With It" by myself. I like to write by myself sometimes, and this song was just one of those times where it fell out and onto paper really quickly. I wrote the entire song in about 20 minutes.

I had just gotten into a fight with my then-partner, but I think it was also inspired by a bunch of built-up feelings I'd been keeping in for a while -- it was a true feeling that was screaming to come out. Because it was such an honest and emotional moment, the song came easily. I didn't even really understand what it meant at the time, I just knew what I was feeling and did my best to work that into a song.

The people involved in the recording process just enhanced it. My producer, Oran Thornton, knew exactly what to do with it, and I love the way it turned out; the production really honors the subject matter of the song.

The first verse is, without a doubt, my favorite part, because I think it's so puzzling, but honest. If you've ever felt that feeling before, then you know exactly what it means without having to dig.

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