When you think of Kellie Pickler, you might envision a "steel magnolia," which is a term describing a southern woman who has been through major adversity yet remains steadfast, honest and protective of her family. Movies have been made and songs have been written about these enigmatic women. So, when Kellie tweeted on Wednesday morning (April 27) the title of her new single, 'Tough,' it made perfect sense.

Catching up with the newlywed singer at Monday night's Best Cellars Dinner, she was brimming with enthusiasm about her new single.

"I've never been more excited about even just a single that we're releasing to radio," an animated Kellie tells The Boot. "I think it's gonna be the best one that we've given radio. It's country. It's got a little bluegrass, it's got some fiddle, it's got some steel and it's got some spoons. It's got kind of a dirty hillbilly [sound], but it's still commercial enough, I think, for country radio."

The North Carolina native is currently working on the forthcoming album, which still needs a title. "We're lacking two songs to being completely finished with the song-picking and the photo shoot," she notes. "Once we get all the songs put together, and I get them in a particular order that we want them in, I can listen from front to finish and find that one word that kind of ties it all into a whole. Then we'll have a title."

Kellie may give her fans a taste of the new single when she hits the stage in Live Oak, Fla., on Friday (April 29). See more of her upcoming concert dates here.

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