Kellie Pickler undertakes a new challenge on the latest episode of her reality show, I Love Kellie Pickler, and The Boot's got a sneak peak at the shenanigans! Readers can press play above to watch Pickler and her husband, Kyle Jacobs, get a little ... uh, lost in translation.

In "I Love Noodling," the fourth episode of I Love Kellie Pickler's third season, Jacobs' friends from his fraternity days are visiting Jacobs and Pickler from Minnesota. One of Jacobs' friends knows Spanish, which Pickler finds fascinating ... so, she tries to learn the language, too.

In the clip above, Pickler gets some coaching on the Spanish language. Her husband joins in, but he becomes the butt of a bad translation joke. Watch the clip above to see Pickler wade through the intricacies of Spanish pronunciation -- A+ for effort, Kel! -- and to see some in-the-know friends shed light on the joke on Jacobs.

Season 3 of I Love Kellie Pickler began airing on CMT in early August. The reality show features Pickler's day-to-day life with her friends and family; it is produced by Ryan Seacrest and airs on Thursdays at 11PM ET.

Pickler hasn’t announced any plans for new music -- she split from Black River Entertainment in June of 2016 -- but she and Faith Hill are working on a daytime TV talk show. Called Pickler & Ben, it's scheduled to premiere in September.

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