Kellie Pickler's third studio album, '100 Proof,' was released in January 2012 and contains 11 songs, six of which the songstress co-wrote. One of those tunes is 'Rockaway (The Rockin' Chair Song),' co-written with Brent Cobb and Barry Dean, which Pickler says was inspired by her very first date with now-husband Kyle Jacobs.

Our first date was at Cracker Barrel, and they have all of the rocking chairs lined up out front that you can purchase or just sit there and wait for your name to be called to go in and eat. We sat out there in those rocking chairs for Lord knows how long and played 20 Questions and got to know each other. We talked and talked and fell in love with one another in those chairs outside of Cracker Barrel.

Then, for my birthday, he went to Cracker Barrel and bought two rocking chairs and carved our names in them. They're on our front porch, and that's where we like to go sit and try to solve all of the world's problems! So, 'Rockaway' is about those chairs.