Rick Diamond, Getty Images
Rick Diamond, Getty Images

Kellie Pickler's family just keeps growing and growing. Along with new fiancé, songwriter Kyle Jacobs, it seems she's added Tucker, an adorable Weimaraner puppy, to her clan. Ten-month-old Tucker originally belonged to Kellie's sister but has now taken up residence at the Pickler household, along with her other three dogs, Pixie, Maddie and MooMoo (pictured left with Kellie), and her pet snake Boots.

Apparently it's always an animal house while Kellie's on tour! She tells Peoplepets.com that she often picks up and rescues strays she comes across while traveling to and from shows. Fans in the audience have also been known to leave with more than a good time at one of her concerts! "If I see a dog sitting anywhere on the road, I'm going to put him on the bus and try to find him a home. I've been notoriously known for giving animals away at concerts."

Kellie is so devoted to her dogs that she even had the mattress and bed on her bus custom built so that tiny MooMoo, at two-and-a-half pounds, can walk up some stairs and through the mattress to get in and out of bed with Kellie.

No word yet on how Kyle has adjusted to the latest addition to the household (but if you spot him on the side of the road, be sure to rescue him!)