When Kellie Pickler talks about her new song, "Mother's Day," she's rather stoic, insisting that she did not write the tune as a message to her estranged mother who abandoned her when she was a little girl. However, when the country star sings the somber song, she lets her emotions flow. (Watch her perform "Mother's Day" in the video player below.)

"I didn't really want anyone to hear it," Kellie tells The Boot. "I didn't write that song for anyone but me. I didn't write it for my mother. It's OK to do things for yourself every now and then. It's OK to put yourself first, there's nothing wrong with doing that."

Kellie co-wrote "Mother's Day" on Mother's Day 2010, with then-boyfriend Kyle Jacobs, who is now her husband. "It's really wild to look back and think ... when you get to the second verse and it talks about possibly someday having a daughter of my own and having a love that I've never known," Kellie reflects. "It's so special to know that I wrote those lines with my now husband."

The North Carolina native insists "Mother's Day" wasn't originally meant to be included on her new album, 100 Proof. But when she played the demo of the song for some close songwriter friends, they encouraged her to share it with fans.

"When I sit down and write a song, my motives are never to write a song for my new album," Kellie explains. "When I sit down and write a song, my number one goal is to find closure in whatever it is I'm going through, good or bad. 'Mother's Day' gave me so much closure.

"I know that there are a lot of other people out there going through similar circumstances, and they might need help finding closure in their lives, too," she continues. "Maybe 'Mother's Day' would help them, and it was put on the record for that reason."

Mother's Day is this Sunday (May 13), which will no doubt be a hard day for the singer-songwriter. "You cannot get away from that day -- it's on billboards, in malls and restaurants, on the radio," she laments. "But I hope people can connect with the song and that it helps them the same way it helped me. That's what music is for."

Watch Kellie's emotional performance of "Mother's Day" live in our studios below.

Watch Kellie Pickler Perform 'Mother's Day' at Sessions

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