Kellie PicklerRemember that guy in 'Best Days of Your Life' -- the one who cheated on Kellie Pickler? And how about the one in 'Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You' -- the guy who took her for granted? Well the subject of Kellie's latest tune is helping her get over those two jerks!

The blonde beauty's fourth single off her self-titled sophomore album is 'Makin' Me Fall in Love Again,' a song about finding true love. Although she didn't write the lyrics herself, Kellie -- who is happily dating an acclaimed Nashville songwriter -- says she's living them out.

"'Makin' Me Fall In Love Again' is a reflection of where I am with my life right now," Kellie tells The Boot. "I'm very excited about it being the fourth single. It's such a great song for the springtime and summertime. It's just so happy and warm. I think it was a good pick, especially since the last song ['Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You'] was a ballad and more of a breakup song."

Kellie looks at her latest single as a blessing, because it was one that came in under the radar and was close to being too late to make her album. "This was the last song that we recorded for the album," she explains. "It just barely made it. We were ready to send it off to be mastered and to get it ready to be packaged for the shelves, but it just made it barely. I was actually surprised how it did make it on there. I'm glad it did ... It completed the record."

A video for 'Makin' Me Fall In Love Again' will be shot in Los Angeles next month. "I'm excited about doing the video and really making the song come to life," Kellie gushes. "It will be great! I hope everyone likes it."

Look for Kellie out on the road this summer with Taylor Swift as part of the 2010 Fearless tour.

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