Kellie Pickler's season of 'American Idol' was almost six years ago, but recollections of her time on the show are still as vivid as ever. The North Carolina native recently met this season's runner-up, Lauren Alaina, and for Kellie, it was a trip down memory lane.

"She's a sweetheart. I love being in those moments where I know exactly what she's going through," Kellie tells Tampa, Fla. radio station WQYK. "It makes you relive those moments all over again."

Kellie remembers her first encounter with her favorite 'Idol,' as well. "The first time I met Carrie [Underwood], it was wonderful because she really opened the door for people who wanted to sing country music on 'American Idol,'" recalls the fellow blond beauty. "It was really exciting meeting her for the first time."

During this same interview, Kellie proved she's a good sport about being the object of comedian and WQYK deeejay Cledus Judd's new song, 'If I Had Kellie Pickler's Boobs.' "I heard that. It's great," she told Cledus. "I tweeted about it. I told people to go buy it. I have a good sense of humor. Plus, I'll get you back. [laughs]"

We're pretty sure she won't include a song about Cledus on her upcoming album, but she is hard at work on it. The project's first single, 'Tough,' hit airwaves last week and has a little bit of something for everyone's musical tastes.

"I've never been more excited about even a single that we're releasing to radio," Kellie tells The Boot. "It's gonna be the best one that we've given radio. It's country. It's got a little bluegrass, it's got some fiddle, it's got some steel and it's got some spoons. It's got a dirty hillbilly [sound], but it's still commercial enough for country radio."

In between hitting the studio, Kellie will play several shows throughout the summer, including stops in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and New York. Keep track of her tour schedule here.