Kellie PicklerWhen it comes to her songwriting, Kellie Pickler admits it's a constant struggle ... not about finding the words to say, but rather figuring out how much to say.

"I'm very personal in my writing. When people who know me go through the record, they know which songs I wrote," Kellie tells The Boot. "My battle right now and what I'm dealing with right now is how much I really want to let people in ... What part of myself do I want people to know about? What do I feel comfortable singing about? There are so many songs that I've written that have never been recorded and probably never will for the sake of I just don't know that I want to let people in that close."

Kellie may have her guard up a bit, but that doesn't stop her from seeking new writing partners. "I do branch out and write with many different people, because sometimes you end up being in a room with someone who brings out a side of you that you probably wouldn't have," she explains. "I definitely don't discriminate who I write with."

Just a few weeks back, Kellie had the opportunity to write with legendary tunesmith Dean Dillon, whose credits consist of numerous George Strait cuts, including 'She Let Herself Go,' 'Ocean Front Property,' 'The Chair,' 'Living for the Night' and dozens more.

"I am a huge fan of Dean Dillon," Kellie gushes. "He actually wrote probably my favorite country song that has been out in the past five or six years, and that is Lee Ann Womack's 'Have You Seen That Girl.'"

Another of Kellie's favorite songwriters to work with is her boyfriend, Kyle Jacobs, who also has an impressive list of credits, including 'More Than a Memory' for Garth Brooks and Tim McGraw's latest single, 'Still.'

"We have so much chemistry anyways, but even so when we write, we have a lot of chemistry there," Kellie says. "He is very talented. I have so much faith and belief in him. I think he's going to be around for a long time in the songwriting industry. It's great when you are able to write with someone you are also in a relationship with and have intimacy with. We have so much in common. It's nice to take our love into the studio. He's such a wonderful person."

Kellie's latest single is 'Makin' Me Fall In Love Again,' which she says "is a reflection of where I am with my life right now."

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