Happy Birthday, Kellie Pickler! Although news broke today the Kellie has parted ways with her record label, Sony Music Nashville, we're confident the 26-year-old will land on her feet. We certainly hope she did yesterday after the birthday outing she had planned with her husband, songwriter Kyle Jacobs, who celebrated his own birthday on Tuesday (June 26).

Kellie spent Tuesday morning as a volunteer at Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee, and the always upbeat entertainer later let us in on the early birthday gift the two were giving each other.

"We don't have a big celebration planned," the "100 Proof" singer told The Boot. "I have shows this weekend so I have to hit the road on the 28th, but Kyle and I, we both like Jack Daniel's and we've always wanted to go out to Lynchburg [the small Tennessee town where the Jack Daniel's Distillery is located] and take that tour. I didn't realize it was a dry town, though. What a shame. [laughs] I remember when my town was a dry town. I remember when they legalized alcohol in Albemarle [N.C.]. It was a big deal. Carolina is like the land of moonshine. My granddaddy was a bootleggin' man, so I know all about it!"

Kellie insists that while the couple usually try to celebrate or do something special, that doesn't mean it has to be a big event.

"We're homebodies, really," she explains. "We're so normal. We're very simple. Less is more when it comes to that, but we'll probably go out to dinner. We like to play everything by ear. There are so many times we'll make a reservation, then we'll be like, 'Let's just order a pizza!' Sometimes it's hard to get us out of the house."

Rick Diamond, Getty Images
Rick Diamond, Getty Images

Another reason Kellie likes to stay home is, of course, because of all the touring she does all year long. The stifling heat that has gripped much of the country is another good reason to hole up inside but Kellie was already subjected to that in another part of the world last month.

"After coming back from Kuwait, this is like February weather," she notes. "Our very first show on this USO tour was in Kuwait and it was outside. I think it peaked at 124 degrees. We all came offstage soaking wet. It doesn't matter how much water you drink, it's never enough. But going on these USO tours, it goes to show there are so many people who have it so much worse than you and you need to count your blessings. I remember going to Iraq the first time. I can't learn from textbooks and pictures only have so many words. I was so blown away by how ... most of the women there have no idea of anything outside the small village they live in. They know nothing else. No television, some places don't even have electricity. You'll fly miles and miles away from an actual village and there will be one little hut. There's so many things we take for granted. Especially being an American woman, we're so blessed."

In addition to volunteering there, Kellie's visit to Second Harvest Food Bank on Tuesday was to announce her participation in the Hunger-Free Summer program, to ensure that children across the country get enough to eat when they're not in school. Visit the ConAgra Foods Facebook page to learn how you can help.

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