Kellie Pickler joined a group of dog owners and their faithful four-legged companions for a special dinner Saturday night (Jan. 26) in Nashville. The occasion was the third annual "Unleashed: Dinner With Your Dog" fundraiser to benefit the Nashville Humane Association. Hosting for the second time, animal lover Kellie left her pooches (and husband Kyle Jacobs) at home, but there were dozens of canine critters to keep the singer company throughout the evening.

The festivities, which took place at Nashville's Hutton Hotel, included a fashion show during which 11 pups walked the runway, showcasing a variety of doggie duds. The canine couture and fashionable jewelry pieces were auctioned off to the highest bidder at the event.

"I love what tonight stands for," Kellie told The Boot before the dinner. "Last year, all of the dogs were adopted so we're hoping that happens again this year." (Last year's event also raised more than $45,000 for the Humane Association.)

Kellie explained that she decided to attend this year's dinner solo, since her companion last year, her teacup chihuahua Moo Moo, has "small man syndrome. He thinks he's a Great Dane but he's obviously not. He doesn't do really well with all the other dogs."

In addition to Moo Moo, Kellie and her husband have two other dogs, Maddie and Pixie. They also have a phython named Boots.

"We take them all for walks, but it's really hard to walk the snake because her collar keeps slipping off," says the singer. (We're pretty sure she's kidding!)

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