Kellie Pickler holds the distinct honor of being the only guest who has twice been invited to co-host Anderson Cooper's daytime talk show, "Anderson Live."

The 26-year-old, who showed off her newly-shorn head (which was shaved in support of a childhood friend who is currently battling breast cancer) chatted with the veteran TV host on Monday (Oct. 7) on a wide variety of topics, including Sunday night's (Oct. 6) drama on "The Real Housewives of New Jersey."

The two hosts also discussed a recent wedding brawl among dozens of relatives, which erupted in the middle of a hotel early in the morning and left one person tragically dead. Kellie said it's those incidents that make her grateful her ceremony with her husband, songwriter Kyle Jacobs, was just between the two of them.

"That's why I eloped," she said. "You just never know when you get relatives together. You just never know."

But the most disturbing topic broached on the show was the recent news of an 11-year-old girl who was given a tattoo by her own mother, who is now facing charges for her actions.

"I have a tattoo, but I'm a grown woman," Kellie noted, explaining each of her tattoos. "[One says] "pray" and then I have some stars on my forearm from my USO tours, when we go overseas to Iraq or Afghanistan, I get a star. I have my grandma's name. I have "forgive," I have a heart ... As an adult, we know and understand fully what we're committing to. An 11-year-old child, they don't understand. They don't know."

Anderson and Kellie also spoke with an anger-management expert, which, according to Kellie's husband, she confessed, is someone she might need as well. "I have the worst road rage imaginable," the singer revealed. "My husband does not even want me to drive. I will not drive in New York. Ever. Ever. People walk right out in front of you. It's like they want to get hit."

The "Tough" singer's first appearance as co-host on "Anderson Live" coincidentally featured that reality show's star Teresa Giudice, who verbally sparred with Anderson, while Kellie found herself stuck in the middle.

"I debated whether or not to crawl under the table," Kellie said of that Sept. 26 episode. "It was like a ping-pong ball, watching it go back and forth."

Of course, the most exciting news on this week's appearance was the singer's announcement that she has a new record deal. Kellie parted ways with her former label, Sony Music Nashville, earlier this year, is anxious to record her upcoming CD.

"I just signed with Black River and I'm so excited," Kellie told the audience. "We're writing and looking for songs now."

Kellie promised Anderson she would return to the show to perform her new tunes after the album is released.

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