Kelleigh Bannen's "Faith in You" is a study in tenacity. The song's perspective is that of someone faced with an uphill climb, the rug pulled out from under her feet over and over again. Still, the faith she has in her loved ones gives her a reason to keep going. Press play above to listen to the song, which is premiering exclusively for readers of The Boot.

"I wrote "Faith in You" with Sean Van Vleet and Todd Clark, and it's really about the people you put your faith in when you're in the middle of life's uncertainty," Bannen explains. "When the things you turn to let you down, who do you believe in?"

Bannen's experience in the music industry, with its many pitfalls and challenges, add an extra layer to the song. "Especially in the music business, there are so many dead ends -- so many times when you wonder, 'Is this when we call it?' or 'Is it over?'" she shares. "You try to keep trying to fight for the thing you set out to do, but it's the people that make the difference."

Ultimately, Bannen points out, it's the people in your life who make the struggle and the climb worth it. Having a support system along the way is essential to achieving any goal, but once that goal is realized, it's even more important to have people to share it with.

"Who you're doing it with, and who's waiting for you when you get home, who can pick you up when you feel defeated. It's about the people you love," the singer muses. "It's also about the journey (life, a dream, whatever) and how that journey is really sacred when you're doing it with the people you love."

"Faith in You" follows Bannen's equally potent (if heavier on the swagger) single "Deluxe," which she dropped in late June.

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